Weather Conditions In Northern Virginia

nice trees in virginiaNorthern Virginia has a “Goldilocks” type of climate and is often referred to as such because “it’s not too hot and not too cold”. In January the temperatures average 19 – 42 degrees (F) and in July they average 61 – 86 degrees (F). Averaging 2.46 inches of precipitation in January and 3.77 inches in July, it’s just the right amount to keep the golf courses green and the mountain ski resorts white. Annually Northern Virginia receives a modest total of 38.29 inches of precipitation. This moderate climate of Northern Virginia allows Mother Nature to provide beautiful cherry blossoms in early April, gorgeous magnolias all summer and spectacular fall foliage between October 15th and 25th. The unique Northern Virginia weather patterns keep roads open and clear for travel all year round. With the mild temperatures in the winter months snow often will melt off in days.

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washington is beautiful in the winter

washington is beautiful in the winter

Take the road less traveled. Major highways outside of our nation’s capital often get congested and backed up at peak hours and around holidays. Interstates 81, 95 and 66 will also see large influxes around peak hours even away from urban areas. Use this opportunity to explore the less traveled path. Most of the major highways have a secondary road that will parallel it. Routes 1, 11, 15, 17 and 7 may get bogged down at times but remain moving. Along the way you will find breath taking scenery, wonderful small towns and unique shops. The time spent traveling these side roads will average out to the same amount spent in traffic at the peak hours on the major highways. Only the time will be much more enjoyable, relaxing and pass much quicker. When traveling in the southern portion of northern Virginia try traveling the Skyline Drive through the Shenandoah National Forest. Beginning in Front Royal, Virginia and traverses south through the park. Along the way you find spectacular views, splendid array of horticulture and many other marvels of nature.

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