A4 List

Conservation Lists of Note

A.4      25 Conservation Hotspots (focus areas for conservation efforts by Conservation International).

Hotspot Location Threat(s)
1 Tropic Andes South America (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina) Deforestation; oil exploration; opium poppy cultivation; mining HomesInColo
2 Sundaland Islands (Borneo, Sumatra, Malay Peninsula, Java) Indonesia, Malaysia Deforestation; forest fires; population growth; hunting of tigers and rhinoceroses; loss of habitat for orangutans.
3 Mediterranean Basin
4 Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands (the Mascarenes, Comoros and Seychelles) Off the southeast coast of Africa Agricultural expansion; deforestation; livestock grazing; hunting; mining; ornamental plant and wildlife collection; exotic species.
5 Indo-Burma
6 Caribbean
7 Atlantic Forest Region (Mata Atl�ntica) South America (Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina) �Slash and burn� agriculture; cattle ranching; urban expansion into forest areas
8 Philippines Philippines Deforestation (by logging, mining, agriculture); high population density and growth rate; coral reef destruction (by cyanide and dynamite fishing); mangrove destruction.
9 Cape Floristic Province
10 Mesoamerica Central America (Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico) Deforestation (due to cattle grazing); conversion of native lands to croplands (for coffee, bananas, oil palm); urban population increases; habitat loss (due to oil drilling, logging, road construction)
11 Brazilian Cerrado South America (Brazil, Paraguay) �Slash and burn� agriculture; cattle grazing; charcoal production.
12 Southwest Australia
13 Hengduan Mountains South-Central China Logging; firewood collection; livestock grazing; soil erosion and river silting; plant and animal harvesting; non-native plants and animals; population growth exceeding capacity
14 Polynesia/ Micronesia
15 New Caledonia (barrier reef) East of Australia Nickel mining; deforestation; hunting of endangered species; non-native plants and animals; coral reef destruction; marine species harvesting
16 Choc�-Dari�n-Western Ecuador South America (Panama, Columbia, Ecuador) Land conversion to agriculture; hunting; logging; mangrove use for wood fuel; climate change and UV radiation affects.
17 Guinean Forests West Africa �Slash and burn� agriculture; logging; population growth; mineral mining; wood fuel collection; bushmeat hunting.
18 Western Ghats and Sri Lanka
19 California Floristic Province
20 Succulent Karoo
21 New Zealand
22 Central Chile
23 Caucasus
24 Wallacea (central islands of Indonesia) Indonesia �Slash and burn� agriculture; livestock grazing; population growth; logging; hunting and poaching; forest fires; plantations.
25 Eastern Arc Mountains and Coastal Forests of Tanzania and Kenya

SOURCE: Conservation International