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The third covers 4,000 square meters as the southern operating base. It is valued at 480 million pesos and limits with 30th street and 12th race. According to the settlement agent, on Thursday the offers will be received, taking as a minimum basis the value of commercial valuation of the goods.




Mountaintop removal coal mining involves – exactly as the name suggests – the physical removal of a mountaintop to mine the coal located underneath. Used by coal mining companies in the Appalachia region of the U.S. (principally West Virginia, along with Kentucky and Virginia), it involves using explosives and “draglines” (large machines that can move more than 100 tons of material at a time) to remove overlying rock and soil, which is then simply pushed down the mountainside into nearby valleys (and associated streams and wetlands) to create so-called “valley fills.”  (It is estimated that valley fills have buried some 1500 miles of streams thus far.) read more

A4 List

Conservation Lists of Note

A.4      25 Conservation Hotspots (focus areas for conservation efforts by Conservation International).

Hotspot Location Threat(s)
1 Tropic Andes South America (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina) Deforestation; oil exploration; opium poppy cultivation; mining HomesInColo
2 Sundaland Islands (Borneo, Sumatra, Malay Peninsula, Java) Indonesia, Malaysia Deforestation; forest fires; population growth; hunting of tigers and rhinoceroses; loss of habitat for orangutans.
3 Mediterranean Basin
4 Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands (the Mascarenes, Comoros and Seychelles) Off the southeast coast of Africa Agricultural expansion; deforestation; livestock grazing; hunting; mining; ornamental plant and wildlife collection; exotic species.
5 Indo-Burma
6 Caribbean
7 Atlantic Forest Region (Mata Atl�ntica) South America (Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina) �Slash and burn� agriculture; cattle ranching; urban expansion into forest areas
8 Philippines Philippines Deforestation (by logging, mining, agriculture); high population density and growth rate; coral reef destruction (by cyanide and dynamite fishing); mangrove destruction.
9 Cape Floristic Province
10 Mesoamerica Central America (Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico) Deforestation (due to cattle grazing); conversion of native lands to croplands (for coffee, bananas, oil palm); urban population increases; habitat loss (due to oil drilling, logging, road construction)
11 Brazilian Cerrado South America (Brazil, Paraguay) �Slash and burn� agriculture; cattle grazing; charcoal production.
12 Southwest Australia
13 Hengduan Mountains South-Central China Logging; firewood collection; livestock grazing; soil erosion and river silting; plant and animal harvesting; non-native plants and animals; population growth exceeding capacity
14 Polynesia/ Micronesia
15 New Caledonia (barrier reef) East of Australia Nickel mining; deforestation; hunting of endangered species; non-native plants and animals; coral reef destruction; marine species harvesting
16 Choc�-Dari�n-Western Ecuador South America (Panama, Columbia, Ecuador) Land conversion to agriculture; hunting; logging; mangrove use for wood fuel; climate change and UV radiation affects.
17 Guinean Forests West Africa �Slash and burn� agriculture; logging; population growth; mineral mining; wood fuel collection; bushmeat hunting.
18 Western Ghats and Sri Lanka
19 California Floristic Province
20 Succulent Karoo
21 New Zealand
22 Central Chile
23 Caucasus
24 Wallacea (central islands of Indonesia) Indonesia �Slash and burn� agriculture; livestock grazing; population growth; logging; hunting and poaching; forest fires; plantations.
25 Eastern Arc Mountains and Coastal Forests of Tanzania and Kenya

SOURCE: Conservation International


Army Corps Live Streaming



The Army Corps of Engineers (ACE or simply “the Corps”) is a unique Federal agency (located within the Department of Defense) having two main areas of responsibility:

  • Military Construction:Designing and managing the construction of military facilities for the Army and Air Force (and providing construction management support to other Defense agencies).
  • Civic (Public) Works:Planning, designing, building and operating water resources-related and other civil/public works projects and facilities (principally for navigation and flood control).

Other key environmentally-related duties of the Corps include: read more

Online Training For Non Violent Crisis Intervention

Robust computer systems are important to manage training scenarios. The current interface we have developed for non violent crisis intervention training online has been a complete success. In development for over one year, our team has pursued what can be described as perfection. this client was in need of a way to manage crisis training for large groups of hospital workers. read more

Engine Managment Software For Shifter Kart Motors

High tech shifter kart racing requires very precise measurement of engine parameters. Without this data it is very easy to destroy the engine through a lean fuel air mixture. Also the peak power of the machine will not be realized. We are developing a tuning and performance system capable of meeting these requirements. A shifter kart motor is a fine tuned instrument that requires very precise data to operate at peak performance. Our goal to to allow these engines to do just that. read more

Executive Support Systems

Information is a valuable element in the business world. The information helps to know the situation of the company and to analyze the strategies that are put in march for its correct operation.

Companies need to be updated and released data related to the operation and performance of the business, such as inventory, sales or accounting organization. However, they also need to obtain other data related to consumers, such as their consumption habits, the needs and tastes of their target market or what types of strategies are the most accepted by this group. read more

What is Business software

Summary: What is and what is an ERP? Business software.
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cusomt software development usa


ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning”. So in the first place we can say that ERP are an acronym, but what is behind those acronyms? What is an ERP? In short, an ERP is an information management system for a company. read more