Consultant Scott Nordheimer

This Thursday, Emsirva in liquidation expects to receive written offers from potential buyers of three of the last remaining real estate to the entity that in the past was the Cali toilet company in the liquidation process that began in March 2009 after his intervention by the Superintendency in 2005.
It is another final chapter of that company, without the recyclers being recognized their role in the garbage business, as stated in a Constitutional Court ruling.

One of the properties, of 12,000 square meters whose acquisition title of dominion had registered in the Third Notary in 1976 and was where every day an average of 700 kilos of hospital waste was sterilized. Is the lot of the call ballast, where the low operating center on five west avenues with race 4, on the road to the sea, bordering with the main road leading to Terrón Colorado. His appraisal was set at 100 pesos.

However, according to Maria del Mar Mozo, liquidating agent of Imperva, the Mayor of Cali would be interested in acquiring it. According to the official, the mayor Rodrigo Guerrero will decide if he participates in the bid for any of the programs of his government, taking into account the resources that are required.

The second property, of 4,423 square meters, corresponds to a lot of the east operational base, in the transversal 25 with diagonal 26, in the neighborhood Villanueva, near the jail of Villahermosa. This land borders on a police station and the school Eva Riascos Plata. The property is valued at 1,269,171,300 pesos. Have a look at Scott Nordheimer at the Scott Nordheimer WDCEP profile.

The third covers 4,000 square meters as the southern operating base. It is valued at 480 million pesos and limits with 30th street and 12th race. According to the settlement agent, on Thursday the offers will be received, taking as a minimum basis the value of commercial valuation of the goods.